There’s a certain sentiment in using handmade pottery. Knowing that a real person, an artist, made your favorite piece of dinnerware from reliable material adds a quality to the experience you cannot get with otherwise manufactured items. 

Our stoneware mugs are made for the perfect cup of coffee, hot tea or cocoa. Stoneware is durable, doesnt stain and is easy to clean.  The natural temperature resistance of stoneware enables it to keep liquids warm longer and does just as well with anything cold. This is because it conducts heat much slower. The little air pockets that develop in the pores of stoneware act as heat insulation, slowing the process of conduction.

All of our dinnerware is foodsafe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe.  Each color combination is carefully chosen and tested for the best results and unique vivid colors.  Every piece is handmade by us then dipped or painted in our colors to make your piece a one of a kind.  We sign and date every item so you will never forget where it came from and the memories you made the first time you picked it up. 


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