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We now offer place settings!! Commission based only. They come in 3 pc settings (shown below) or 4 pc settings which include a dessert plate (not pictured) and option of a mug or tumbler. 50% of all commissions are required up front to cover supplies and firing costs. A 3 pc single person setting takes about 3 weeks to complete . 4 person setting takes me 6-8 weeks to complete so we request you order all dinnerware sets with 3 months advance notice. Shipping times and cost can fluctuate due to work load and local shipping rates at time of purchase. All pieces are individually made by me and are unique and completely original. The set will match but no two pieces are guaranteed to be exactly alike. We have a selection of colors we offer and are glad to help you decide from these at the time of order.

Settings larger than 4 places are currently not available on the website.

Commissioned Dinnerware Sets

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