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Our Story

Why AnimalHouse? I get asked this question all the time.Another question we get asked often is "Did you make all of this." These questions are easily the most asked questions people have for us at any event we attend. The answers aren't as easy.

So, "Why AnimalHouse?" I have always loved animalsof all kinds. When I had my children, they naturally shared this love. So, with a houseful of wild boys, 4 to be exact, and a slew of pets, AnimalHouse just seemed to fit. Naming my art business after the things I loved most brought joy to my heart and makes the artwork that much more enjoyable. 

Secondly, "Did you make all of this." My go to answer is always "Yes, it is all made by me in our creepy basement with the spiders and toads." The story is much longer than that though. I started in art like everyone does with crayons and fingerpaints. I am blessed to come from a very talented family. My mom has an insane talent for drawing. As a small child I remember admiring her high school art portfolio. I spent hours in my room drawing and asking her to critique my work. My mothers' father loved Bob Ross. I remember watching with him and admiring the paintings he created in his basement studio. Our family is lucky to all own several of his original pieces in our homes today. My other grandparents were talented craftsmen as well. I learned my love for all things handmade from them. This led to my own exploration of arts and crafts and most of all an admiration for working with clay. 

In 2012 I landed a job as a studio technician in a local pottery studio. I learned about glazing, firing and the entire process of making functional pottery. In 2013 I purchased my first pottery wheel and began teaching myself. Now I own 8 wheels, 4 kilns and teach classes on the wheel as well as hand building. My family helps with glazing, recycling clay, making hand building and running the booth at festivals and art shows. Together we have created a brand of pottery with a unique styles and colors that speak to pottery lovers all over.



"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."


Meet The Animals of AnimalHouse

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