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Your specialized Arts & Crafts Retailer of handmade Pottery and Wood crafts.

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AnimalHouse Pottery & Crafts is a long time vision of mine. As a child I was blessed by a family with many talents. I learned to draw from my mom, paint from watching Bob Ross with my grandfather, yarn crafts from my grandmothers, cross stitching  from my other grandfather  and how to fix and build most anything from my father. Learning all of these skills created a healthy love for anything handmade and the desire to learn how to make everything. 

In 2012 after a long time of admiring pottery and the process of making it I was blessed with an opportunity to work as a studio technician at a local pottery studio. I then purchased my first wheel and began teaching myself hours to throw on the wheel. Now AnimalHouse Pottery & Crafts is a group effort with my family. Our pottery is in a number of small galleries, we attend festivals and art shows all over the southeast and I teach pottery to all skill levels. Our schedule of events can be found on our calendar.


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